This page will be used to show some pictures of musicians I have taken.

All Photos are Copyright Jason Veale 2005



Dale Watson / Big Sandy @ Mercury Lounge May 1st, 2013 Photos! Click Here!



More Deke Dickerson photos, Click Here.


Dash Rip Rock: Home Page

Photos from the last time Dash Rip Rock was in Tulsa, OK

After more than 15 years, Dash Rip Rock returns to Tulsa, OK!

Theresa Zaizar Singing on Main Street in Sapulpa, Oklahoma August 25th, 2011


Leon Russel @ Jenks Riverwalk Crossing



Webb Wilder @ The Riverwalk



Jessica V & the Rhythmatics @ The Riverwalk



Southern Culture On The Skids

Kim Lenz and the Jaguars: Home Page

Kim Lenz and the Jaguars Photos: Click Here!

The Electric Rag Band

Jimmy, An avid ERB Fan!

Junior Brown

Picture 1: 1998 Tulsa Blues Festival

Picture 2-4: March 17, 2000 at Cains Ballroom Tulsa, Oklahoma

Brian Parton and the Nashville Rebels

Dash Rip Rock

Individual Photos

Ted Nugent @ Mohawk Park


Brandon Jenkins

Kim Wilson @ Tulsa Blues Fest

Herbie @ Tulsa Oktoberfest