Another Completed Project!



This is what is left of the running gear from the 39 Ford Tudor Project. We started with a 24' piece of 2" X 4" rectangle tubing and ended up with the "BARBARIAN" This vehicle is reminiscent of the early hot rods from the late 40's The "Barbarian" uses the 59 A/B Flathead with "3/4" Race Cam and aluminum Wieand high rise intake that was originally in the 39 Ford. We shortened the enclosed driveline 34" and used original 62' Buick finned aluminum brake drums on the front. We also installed "Flamethrowers" and Harley "Fishtail" exhaust tips. The cowl is from a 1927 Ford, the fuel tank is an original Model "T" tank. the rounded seat backs could possibly be from a Stutz or similar model. The "Barbarian" is sure to draw a crowd young and old anywhere it makes an appearance. Thanks Chris for the dream to make this project come to life. Also thanks to Steve, Jason, Dave, Perri and the numerous other people who were privileged to help on this project.


Bad To the Bone!